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The 66th Seneschal

A Celestial Role-Playing Experience

Date Last Posted: April 17, 2007
Format: Livejournal / AIM
Genre: In Nomine
Name: 66th and Sixth to Crucifix
Contact: dalaitja @ | AIM: Another Lord

Minimum Age Requirement: Players should be over 17.
Deadline: No deadline; game officially started on Friday, May 11th.

Specific Requirements: AIM / LJ
Game Description:

In Nomine: 66th and Sixth to Crucifix is a modern role-playing game set in New York City, in which writers can take on the part of Angels and Demons as they struggle for control of humanity and themselves -- celestial beings who, powerful though they may be, are merely pawns in a much larger game being played by their Superiors, the Archangels and Demon Princes.

Interested players can find out more about joining by visiting the website, or contacting the maintainer. [ E-mail: dalaitja (at) aim (dot) com ] [ AIM: Another Lord ].

The website's choked with information for resource purposes. Sling me an IM or e-mail if you have a concept in mind or think you might want to participate.

Here is the theme, and the intro stories for an idea of the feel (friends-locked - join here to read).

[ A Bright Dream | A Dark Dream | A Story of Lucifer ]

And this post on getting started can be supplemented by browsing the community's tags.
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