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I don't know if anyone watches Angel on a regular basis [or at all], but I'm a fairly frequent [obsessed] viewer.

Last week was a very special week. Andy Hallet was added to the opening credits! My favorite green demon is officially starring in the show. Not just a guest star any more!

Hhhmm...I feel like I should post more. This being an inaugural post and all. Yep...so...Uhm...I really love demons. Hopefully I'll be posting some demon related artwork here soon. I hope everyone else does, as well. Please pimp this community out to everyone you know. Three members? I know we can do better than that ;)

Oh yeah, this place isn't just for demon-worship. Snape-lovers, Wormtongue fans...all are welcome here. Just a place for the appreciation of man [and women] who society finds generally repulsive, but drive some of us wild. Mmmm....greasy evil men....

*scampers off*
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