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Hot Horned Guys
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A community for men and women with a fetish for demons. Wether you like bishi horned boiz or winged vampy girlz, this is a place for you. Feel free to share art, stories, or even any fantasies you may have ;)

The Rules

This is an open community! Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings, but no flaming is allowed. All arguments must go to private e-mail. Do not involve the community in your own little spats.

Please respect the thoughts and feelings of other members. Not everyone shares the same likes or dislikes, and everyone is different. Anyone caught instigating fights or harassing members will be banned from the community.

Please, no advertising! Unless you wish to share your demon related web-site or community, advertising is frowned upon. You wouldn't want spam in your Journal, we don't want it in our community.

While this is an all ages community, please use common sense. Post adult related materials in a link behind a cutline. Warn people if you are linking to a non work-safe picture or site. I am going to assume everyone who joins this community can be responsible for their own behavior. If you don't want to look at something, then don't look at it.

Please use a cut-line for all long posts/stories. Some people have slow connections and cluttering up a friends page with extra long posts can be irritating. Use common sense.

No quiz posts, please! Unless it is somehow demon related, no posts with quiz results will be tolerated. If you do post a demon related quiz result, please add something to the post and place it behind a cutline. Any post with just a quiz result will be deleted.

Have fun!

This community is a product of ashleyvictoria's twisted mind.